Paul Dibley is a composer and sonic artist, and is also Principal Lecturer in Music and Programme Lead for Music and Publishing at Oxford Brookes University, UK.

He is Co-Director of the Sonic Art Research Unit and founder of Audiograft.

Paul studied at Oxford Brookes University for his first degree, where he studied computer science alongside music. He gained a distinction for his MA in Digital Music Technology from Keele University, supervised by Professor Rajmil Fischman and Professor Mike Vaughan. In 2003 Paul completed a PhD in Musical Composition at the University of Birmingham, where he studied with Professor Jonty Harrison.

As well as composing electroacoustic compositions (often specializing in using the human voice), he creates compositions for instruments and live electronics (MAX and Pure Data). Recent projects include working with Okeanos, Jane Chapman and Jos Zwaanenburg.

His work has been performed in Europe, Australasia and in America.